2013 Chinese New Year Dance Party

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Greetings! NYdanceny Ballroom Dance School sincerely invites you to join our Chinese New Year party held on February 15th, 2013, in Queens Crossing located in Flushing, Main Street. We had the pleasure of being able to invite International Latin Dance Champions Riccardo & Yulia to perform for us to celebrate the Chinese New Year with us. Our School supports the development of the art of dancing, with a focus on Latin dancing, the volunteering to teach and perform in the Asian societies within New York City, and enriching the art culture of New York City. to let people that appreciate dancing to be able to enjoy the delight that dancing brings to life

Our school hosts an annual Chinese New Year party, with our goal being to strengthen the Chinese American cultural bonding, and allow Chinese people to be able to meld further into America’s culture through dancing.
We wish you a Happy New Year, good luck and good health!

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New York City Farrington Ballroom Dance School

Date: February 15th, 2013
Time: 6;pm – 12:00pm
Location: Mudan celebration Center Queens Crossing Flushing NY
38-21 Main Street Flushing NY 11354
Telephone #: 917-968-0435 718-358-3903
Email: rudanceny@gmail.com
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您好! 纽约茹宝舞蹈艺术学校诚挚的邀请您参加我校于2013年2月15日在纽约市皇后区法拉盛飞越皇后大厦举办的中国新年舞蹈盛会,届时我校将邀请到世界拉丁舞冠军Riccardo & Yulia 为庆祝中国新年奉献精彩绝伦的舞蹈盛宴。同时与纽约市的华人一起欢庆中国的新春佳节。我校举办一年一度的中国新年舞蹈盛会,旨在加强中美舞蹈文化的交流,通过舞蹈文化让华人能够更好的融入到美国的主流文化之中。我们殷切您的加盟,相信有了你的参加会给我们增加更大的力量。


日期:2013年2月15日 6;00pm—12:00pm
38-21 Main Street Flushing NY 11354
电话; 917-968-0435 718-358-3903
Email; rudanceny@gmail.com
Add: http://www.queenscrossing.com/index.php/dinin