kids_mainDear Parents,

Teenagers and children are at a stage where their body and mind are growing. Every child lives in a different family environment, and will have different personalities; some will be very energetic and expressive, while others are quieter and shyer. Learning to dance, while teaching them elegant and graceful moves, will also cultivate their ability to observe, their imagination, and their creativity. Each child has their own ways of expressing their feelings to the world around them, and in the process of learning to dance, they will use their body language to express their confidence and self, from dancing they will experience effort and courage.


Each summer at RUDANCENY Ballroom Dance School there will be a large assembly of kids with special personalities coming here, while they are here they will learn something they cannot learn in school, and it is the merging of Chinese and American culture, here they can fully demonstrate their own ability and talent.

KIDS SUMMER TIME少儿暑期舞蹈夏令营茹宝舞蹈艺术学校秉承”艺术、健康、价值”的办学宗旨和”舞蹈艺术陶冶情操、舞蹈艺术锻炼体态、舞蹈艺术塑造人生”的办学理念,在美国纽约成为一所高品质的舞蹈艺术殿堂。培养出许多优秀的舞蹈艺术人才。


日期: 74日至827 7星期

時間:周二至周日 (每星期3 private class

10:00AM-1:00PM  或 2:00PM—5:00PM,

舞蹈课程:国际拉丁舞 Ballroom Dance,芭蕾舞,爵士舞

开设班级: 初、中、高、表演班、比赛班.

招收年龄: 少儿班 (5—12岁) 青少年班(13—18岁)

(8/3-8/6)  Empiredancechampionship (New York Marriott Marquis)

*(8/13/17 Queen‘s theater 美国纽约皇后劇院专业舞蹈展演比赛)

*8/20/17   歡度暑期匯報表演 餐舞晚会

暑期班內容簡介::拉丁舞,標準舞 ,芭蕾舞,爵士舞 弗拉門戈 hiphop 街舞 等团体课及私人課教学

: 国际标准舞舞蹈团体课教学



Open classes : Beg , Int , Avd,

Ballroom Dance. (Age5-9,10-14,15-20)

( lessons show and one competition)

Address:132-01 Roosevelt Ave. 2F    Flushing NY

Tel: 718-358-3903,917-968-0435


Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm,2:00pm – 5:00pm

Sunday   9:00am – 1:00pm, 2:00pm – 5:00pm

开设班级: 初、中、高、表演班、比赛班, 开设课程:国际拉丁舞 芭蕾舞 民族舞

年 龄:少儿班 (4—12岁) 青少年班(13—20岁)

Dance Class 2011
2010 NY Talent Competition
Dance Class 2010
2009 NY Talent Competition
Summer Camp 2007

Summer Camp 2007

Summer Camp 2008
Summer Camp 2009


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132-01 Roosevelt Ave 2FL, Flushing, NY 11354 Cell: 1- 917-968-0435

T/F: 1-718-358-3903* *