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Rudance Ballroom School is located at 132-01 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing NY, opposite to Sky View Mall, accessible with 25/34 buses and the 7 train. We offer a variety of studios to rent for auditions, rehearsals and other events (totaling 5,000 square feet). Additional karaoke entertainment and parking services are accommodated.

We have three rooms available for rental. Each room is covered with premium wooden floor and equipped with full-wall mirrors and sound system. The Grand Ballroom is 2000 square feet and has access to bathroom. The Party Room is 2000 square feet and has complete privacy and access to bathroom. Studio 3 is 1000 square feet.


Rental Rate: $550/hr low-traffic time; $ 900/hr high-traffic timeIMG_4363
Please contact reception rudanceny-ballroom at 718-358-3903


Rental rate: $120/hr week days; $ weekends
Variety of dance and music resources are presented and free to view and share.Convenient space for resting and chatting.

$99 Per Hour (for half of the Ballroom)

$199 Per Hour  (for Whole Ballroom)

Up to 200 People


Rental rate: $30/hr week days; $50/hr weekends

Equity approved

– Sound system in every studio

– Windows in most studios

– Roman Shades in outside studios

– Sprung wood floors in every studio

– Air conditioning in all studios

– Mirrors in every studio

– Bistro & Lounge Area

– Pay phone available

– Intercom phones in all rooms

– Easygoing second floor