Summer Party

邀 请 函
大家好!美丽的春天已经过去,我们又迎来了鲜花盛开的夏季。 通过舞蹈的教学让我们一起渡过美好的时光。特别感谢各位的配合和支持。 为了让上半年的教学得到更好的实践。推动舞蹈水平的进一步发展和提高。为各位学生提供舞蹈表演的平台。 RUDANCENY 将于2013 年6月21日在豪庭王朝举办夏季舞会。特盛情邀请您的参加。

RUDANCENY Ballroom Dance School
日期:2013 年6月21日 (星期五)
46-45 Kissena Blvd Flushing NY 11355
电话:917-968-0435 718-358-3903

Invitation Letter

Dear Students and Parents,
Spring, the season of flowers blooming, has passed, sunny and breezy summer is coming now. We had a wonderful time by dancing. Our school thanks you for your cooperation and support. For providing more practice on the dance floor to improve your dancing skill, RUDANCENY will hold a summer dance party on June 21th, 2013 (Friday) in East Manor restaurant at 7 PM to 11:30 PM. We understand you have a very busy schedule. However, we would like you to come and join us!
Happy dancing!!!
RUDANCENY Ballroom Dance School
Date:6/21/2013 (Friday)
Ticket: $68/each(include dinner, dance performance, Free dancing)
Location:East Manor Restaurant
46-45 Kissena Blvd Flushing NY 11355
Tel: 917-968-0435 718-358-3903